PoC Week 2024-03-03

Posted on Mar 3, 2024

The most featured CVEs in this week’s security newsletters, with public Proof-of-Concepts, ordered by mention count.

For the most up-to-date and accurate info, visit the NIST links. Always audit PoCs thoroughly before running them.






  • Severity: 7.5 HIGH
  • Impacted Products: Various DNS software and services implementing DNSSEC.
  • Description: Known as “KeyTrap”, this vulnerability in the DNSSEC protocol allows remote attackers to cause denial of service via CPU consumption through DNSSEC responses.
  • Remediation: Review advisories from affected vendors for patches and updates.
  • More Info: NVD - CVE-2023-50387
  • PoC: https://github.com/knqyf263/CVE-2023-50387


This list was scraped from the quite amazing and highly recommended newsletters below:

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